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Who We Are


Our Vision

To create healthy, dynamic and connected African Migrants background families participating in a country where they settled and live.


Our Mission

We aim to use rights and needs-based mentoring, training and conseltancy services as a strategies to motivate, assist, and connect African Migrants families within a global bases.


Our Values

At the GAMCA, we work towards the sustainable integration of all African Migrant communities and individuals in a country where they settled. We focus on giving a professional voice to Migrants on local(country), regional (contenents) and global settlement and integration issues that affect them in their communities.


It is imperative to us that we work cooperatively and harmoniously in all our endeavours. We firmly believe that refugees should be supported to find greater self-determination, while operating under the principle that every individual should have an equal role and opportunity in a country and a society where they settle and live in.

The Global African Migrants Professionals Association (GAMPA) was 1st founded in Christchurch as an incorporated society under the New Zealand law in 2016.
The Global African Migrants Community Association (GAMCA) founded in Queensland, Australia as an incorporated society under the Queensland government law in 2018.
This two Accociations where established to provide ranges of services for all African background Migrant Communities, with a give back to advance a development agenda that was consistent with African background Migrants Communities priorities and the objectives of the stablity and strength diffrent African countries communities togather.

At the outset, the founding members recognised the value that the views and endeavours that the African Migrants background people bring with themselves. GAMCA aims to promote the future of African Migrants background communities through the strong voice of its people by providing mentoring, training and consultancy services. It is also committed in promoting partnership and collaboration with a wide range of civic organisations and stakeholders committing to effectively support and deliver the African Migrants sastainable settlement and contribution outcomes for country where they choose to live. In the first five years of operation the GAMPA established the role of the Association as advocacy, information brokerage, research, community development, relationship building, and communication and cross cultural education.

Independent of political or religious affiliations, GAMCA is an autonomous, stand-alone, non-governmental organisation. The Association represents diverse African Migrants communities in their needs in the local, reginal and global bases. Our members come from different professional background with a similar vision; that is settling in New Zealand, Australia, North America, Canada, Europe, e.t.c.

At the GAMCA we believe in:


The Global African Migrants Community and/or Professionals Association are an independent, non-governmental organisation based around world wide.


Head Office Address:

GAMPA in New Zeland

31 Auburn Ave, Upper Riccarton

Christchurch, 8041
New Zealand.


Opening Hours: 

Monday-Friday: 9:00am - 5:00pm

Branch Office Address:

GAMCA in Queensland
139-141 Redcliffe Parade
Redcliffe, QLD 4020

Tuesday-Friday: 9:30am - 3:00pm


Phone: Call us New Zealand (kiwi) time or Australia (Aussie) time zone
New Zealand - Netsanet: +64 278 054 331
Australia - Ayalew : +61 410 847 123  


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