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What We Do

The Global African Migrants Community Association (GAMCA) advocates on behalf of all African Migrant communities resettled in the Country where they choose to live. As the first contact point for agencies aiming to liaise with the wider community or individuals of Migrant background, we work to disseminate relevant information, community skills, and knowledge through a grassroots approach shuch as mentoring and training to consultative communication. GAMCA aims to bridge the gap between the Migrants background people of all ages by creating a more harmonious, more welcoming, inclusive environment through building a shared respect, by connecting our common experiences and celebrating our differences.


We work harmoniously with all ethnic communities; local and central Government and non-profit organisations in the best interest of migrants resettlement.


We advocate and support migrants background youths in their daily lives. We believe that youth are at the forefront of change, therefore, we strengthen the capacity of the youth in order to mentor them to be participate fully in a country where they settle in future life.


We ensure an independent migrants collective voice that respects all aspects of the country's migrants policy and practice (legal, social, economic and cultural) fully respect international law and the UN human rights of migrants & refugees.


We promote public awareness and greater understanding of both migrant and refugee issues or problems in our host community.


We serve as a networking, information exchange and different working group for the migrants & refugee community, with wider consultation when required.


We seek to strengthen and build the capacity of the African migrant based community. In the past we have advocated and supported individuals in their daily lives, being responsive and resolving our community issues like housing, health, family violence, benefit entitlements and so forth.


We act as facilitator between agencies, schools, the Police and the migrant individuals ensuring cultural understanding.

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